Why Do Yellow Leafed Trees Die?
A tree's leaves serve as a "food factory". They absorb energy from the sun, converting that energy through the magic of photosynthesis into sugars and starches which are necessary for growth and survival. Large, green leaves on your tree indicate adequate chlorophyll and sufficient leaf surface are present for efficient food production.

Small, pale green leaves or small yellow leaves do not make efficient "food factories" and the tree uses all it's energy to keep alive. Once this energy supply is depleted, it's all downhill for the tree. If nothing is done to make the tree's leaves become green and larger the tree simply dies.

Why iron injections? Injecting iron into a yellow leafed tree makes the leaves turn green again. Iron is a "catalyst" (makes the change) to start the chlorophyll production again. Thus, an iron injection makes the tree green again and the tree starts up it's "food factory" and your tree lives on. No special watering or care is need for the iron injection, just sit back and watch your tree become green.

A product named Cambistat can been used to increase chlorophyll production in your iron deficient
tree. One of the many wonderful features of Cambistat is darker green leaf in the Cambistat treated trees which means your tree can overcome chlorosis with the use of Cambistat. I highly recomended it for trees which are deficient in iron.
Chlorosis & Ebay Feedback
Iron treated Pin Oak tree leaves on left.
Dying Pin Oak tree leaves on right.
Leaves from iron treated River Birch
on left. Leaves from dying non-iron treated River Birch tree on right.
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