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You are probably wondering who you are dealing with so above is my picture. I am 79 years young and I have for the pasr 26 years operated a tree care company. During that time I have treated 1000's and 1000's  of iron deficient trees in the Chicagoland area, plus many thousands of other trees with different problems. Presently, I have a database of over 5000 tree customers related to iron injections only. Also, I have had extensive and successful experiences in saving many-many Oak, River Birch and Ash trees plus many other species of trees in this area from becoming firewood.

Many years ago, I found out through trial and error, that root feeding trees for iron deficiencies did not work.Nor, did capsule injection did not work either because the capsules on the market had iron levels so low that they did nothing for a tree in trouble. Also, I found out from my customers that Ironite, tree fertilizer spikes or even nails scattered in the soil did nothing for their sick-low-iron trees. So, I started out on my own, mixing food grade iron products and injecting these iron mixtures and now today, I have a super liquid tree iron that has proven its success over many years and thousands of tree injections. The injector tubes are handmade by me and they are very strong, plus they will last over 10 years if used and stored properly. You can use these tubes over and over and then just purchase your needed liquid iron from me without the injectors, thus saving you a lot of money!

Tree injection is both a skill and an art, as it is learned from many years of experience. I would like to share my arts and skills, so I can save your trees from extinction or permanent damage and of course you will save lots of money by doing it yourself.

Also, you can rely on me should you have any questions about your trees. My help is only an Email or phone call away

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