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Why Do Yellow Leafed Trees Die?
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ow To Spot Iron Deficiencies In Your Trees.
  1. Look for upper and lower dead branches. Dying trees drop branches.
  2. Tree leaves are made to be green if they are yellow your tree needs iron.
  3. Look at the leaf. If you see green colored veins outlined on a yellow leaf, your tree has turned yellow to alert you that it needs help.
  4. Branch tip dieback. Look at the top uppermost branch tips. If their is no leaves on the ends of the branches, the tree is dying from lack of energy (iron deficiency-chlorosis).
  5. Brown speckles on the tree leaf (especially Birch trees). This is a severe exhibit of iron chlorosis. Mother nature provides powerful stress signals on trees for all of us to see.
  6. Small leaves (compared to a healthy tree) and also a sparce population of leaves are strong signals that something is wrong with your tree.
Before An Iron
A nasty River Birch but this tree is very easy to save
and it will live a normal life with a "life saving" iron
Here's a Pin Oak being injected with life-saving iron. The tiny holes made by the injector tube holes are sealed with a special tree sealer wax included in a kit.
Cambistat- A Miracle Product For All Species of Oaks, Lindens & Maples.
After Iron An
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