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1989 Treated With Cambistat
1994 Deadwood Pruned Out
Declining White Oak Treated With Cambistat
Photos courtesy Dr. Gary Watson--Morton Arboretum Lisle, Illinois
root system
root system
Puts your tree in a more conservative mode.
It reduces the amount of energy allocated to canopy growth and redirects that energy to other uses such as fibrous root development, defense, and stored energy. The trees canopy is reduced in growth but the root system becomes larger, more dense and efficient.But most importantly, Cambistat increases chlorophyll production and this results in a darker green leaf. This feature is FANTASTIC for a species of tree that constantly has yellow leaves due to iron chlorosis.
Health Benefits
Cambistat is scientifically proven to improve the health of trees. You will see greener leaves, less insect and disease injury and your trees will be better able to withstand heat and drought much better.
Improved Resistance To Disease
Cambistat stimulates a trees defenses so it can better fight off disease.
Situations For The Use of Cambistat
Construction injured trees where roots have been cut & destroyed.
Injury caused by disease or insects.
Newly transplanted LARGE trees, Cambistat works wonders!
Declining and older trees, it increases tree energy.
Trees stressed from drought.
Trees growing in limited rooting area, it increases fibrous root growth.
Size Maintenance
Trees too close to houses.
Trees near pools, decks, patios and sidewalks.
Trees under powerlines.
Blocked scenic views.
High maintenance trees.
Cambistat slows the growth of trees allowing the tree to redirect some of it's energy to produce more fibrous
root production and stored energy.

Cambistat makes root systems more dense, so that the tree increases its uptake of water and much needed minerals.

Cambistat makes trees tougher to resist insect and disease problems by increasing the energy of the tree.
area extends
one foot from
the base of the
Cambistat is applied around the base of the tree with a gas powered injection pump and then the Cambistat is absorbed by the trees root system.

Very little downward and horizontal liquid movement is made by this unique tree saving product. You will receive 3 years of wonderful benefits from 1 application of Cambistat. You should re-treat every 3 years for maximum tree benefits.
Great For All Oaks, Maples, Elms, Lindens and Many- Many Other Species Of Trees!
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